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At Evergreen Medical Billing, our philosophy is not to be the biggest billing company in the DFW area, but to give the best product available in this area. This starts with customer service, detail and dedication. Our clients are not just dollar signs. We believe in double checking and even triple checking, not only outgoing charges (the easy part of billing), but also denials which inevitably occur and must be tracked down. Many companies focus on the “easy money”, but we believe you are entitled to every penny you’ve worked for, so we make every attempt we can to get the money that is not so easily recovered.

Automation streamlines processes and makes things run more efficiently, but we also believe there still has to be the “personal” touch to billing. We do our best to follow up on all denials and rejections, not just on the “high dollar” claims. We are available for our client providers as well as their office staff. Every client is just as important as the next.  Importance is not determined by how large a client is or how much money they generate.  The small client is treated equally. Evergreen wants to be an “extension” of your clinical office, and we want to work together with you as a team to accomplish our unified goals.

4144 N Central Expressway, Suite 750
Dallas, TX 75204 
United States

Billing issues (214)518-8206
Director of Operations (214)325-0715

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