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About Us

Our Mission 

At Evergreen Medical Billing, our philosophy is not to be the biggest billing company in the DFW area, but to give the best product available in this area.  This starts with customer service, detail and dedication.  Our clients are not just dollar signs. We believe in double checking and even triple checking, not only outgoing charges (the easy part of billing), but also denials which inevitably occur and must be tracked down.  Many companies focus on the “easy money”, but we believe you are entitled to every penny you’ve worked for, so we make every attempt we can to get the money that is not so easily recovered.

Automation streamlines processes and makes things run more efficiently, but we also believe there still has to be the “personal” touch to billing.  We do our best to follow up on all denials and rejections, not just on the “high dollar” claims.    We are available for our client providers as well as their office staff.  Every client is just as important as the next.  Importance is not determined by how large a client is or how much money they generate.  The small client is treated equally. Evergreen wants to be an “extension” of your clinical office, and we want to work together with you as a team to accomplish our unified goals.

Dr. David M Lee, MD, CEO and co-owner

As a practicing physician myself, I understand the importance of cash flow and collections to a practice. I was the first client of Evergreen Medical Billing! Many billing companies have become unwieldy and impersonal. They try and put more work on you and they simply collect the money, many times not worrying about the smaller sums that need to be collected on the back end with denials and patient responsibility for payment. I've always known billing is the easy part, collecting and following up on claims is the hard part. So that is what we seek to help your practice with, making it as easy as possible to give us the billing information in whatever format you supply, billing your claims in a timely manner, working with your patients in a kind and courteous manner, and following up on all claims to make sure they are paid correctly.   


Casey H Wilcox, CFO and co-owner

Casey earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance at the University of North Texas.  He has been involved in the payments business for over 20 years. He obtains a unique understanding of the payments value chain and how it applies to the billing process of the collection and disbursement flows of physician practices and medical businesses.  Casey has spent his career assisting financial institutions and corporations accelerate their cash flows through payments automation and through solid data and information reporting.  Together with Dr. Lee, they maintain a unique, advantageous understanding and viewpoint of the importance of the medical billing and revenue management life cycle of this business and how it aligns with the physicians practice and revenue management goals.

Casey is active in numerous industry affiliations including the Associate for Finance Professionals and NACHA and has been a featured speaker at several ACH and Payment Conferences on payment related topics in addition to being published in numerous industry journals and publications. 


Emily Dimberio, Director of Operations

Emily is a certified professional coder (CPC) thought the AAPC.  She began working in the medical field in 1998 as a biller for a large family practice group in Plano.  After working in a clinical setting, she began working for MDM Medical Billing in 2002. She supervised charge entry and eventually managed the entire demographic/charge entry department.  This is when she first met and starting working with Dr. Lee in 2002.  She has worked for Evergreen Medical Billing since 2013, and she is the Director of Operations for Evergreen.  She enjoys working with a company whose attention to fine details can be paid to each client, as opposed to larger billing companies where clients and collections can be lost in the mix. 


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